Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Turning Twenty

Hi Everybody!

So, in seventeen days I will be turning twenty, and I am sort of dreading it. I think I have narrowed down why I dread turning this age so much, but I am not one hundred percent sure. It is quite a scary thing, changing the decade of your age - it means a certain amount of growing up and actually being something more than you have been for the previous ten years. I know that some people (especially my bosses at work) are like 'Aw, 20, that's so young' but from my perspective it means a total shift from one stage of my life to the stage I am going to be at for the rest of my life.

In seventeen days I am to no longer be a teenager, I will be one year closer to being a fully fledged adult with adult responsibilities and parents helping me out a lot less. Twenty signifies the end of the easy life. I was talking to someone today who is two years older than me and has already bought herself a house and a new car - that is where I want to be - this organised and sorted out in my life so I can do that at 22. But then I realise I am crap at saving money and just being responsible. I am crap at so much, so how on earth can I be a proper adult with proper adult duties?

Seventeen days time will also mean that the youngest granddaughter in the family will no longer be the little young one, she will actually be a fully fledged adult - which is something that a lot of people are struggling to grasp. I just find it to be such a strange concept that I really cannot get my head around. The thing is though are things actually going to change?

I am already pretty responsible. I am holding down two jobs as well as paying for insurance, tax on my car and I am very much self sufficient in a lot of ways (although circumstance has dictated that for a lot of it). I have a whole new bunch of friends, that I never expected to ever have and that is something I will forever be grateful for. I have a good family too, who always know how to cheer me up and that's most definitely what I need.

But I am still scared of turning twenty. After my 21st next year, my next big birthday will be my thirtieth and there will be some force into me being in a committed relationship, hopefully married with the idea of babies on the horizon, because these are the conditions you live with when you are from an Irish family. Even writing this seems like I have a huge mountain to climb in the next ten years. 

I am sorry about this post being a bit down, its just the sorts of realisations I keep having at the moment.


Monday, 6 January 2014


Hi Everybody!

So like I said last week, 2014 is a new page for me and this blog, and here is me actually making a start into the massive dent that is an overhaul. After an appallingly crappy weekend at work (I mean possibly one of the worst and Sunday topped it off with THE worst customer I have ever had to deal with when it comes to customer service) I felt so motivated today to shake off 2013 and let this year go off with a bang.

Today I thought I would share my resolutions with you - mostly because today I have worked on a fair few and it is barely 3.30pm. This morning I woke up after an appalling nights sleep (I really hate stormy weather!) and made the decision that I was going to go on a three mile walk. That however didn't go quite to plan and it ended up being about 4 1/2 miles because of some roads locally to me that were flooded and making pedestrian walking nearly impossible. I have however kept to my no fizzy drinks since the 2nd, and I have had no craving for coca cola or fanta lemon which has to be a good thing?

Anyway I need to get onto the resolutions:
  1. Go on walks on the days I am not at work (so basically go for walks Monday-Friday). I really do not feel that this is too crazy or over the top, it means I will leave the house everyday which I feel as something positive, but it will also make me see new places, and of course help me to lose some weight. This week I will go on Monday (tick), Thursday, Friday and Sunday as these are the days I am not at work this week.
  2. SAY YES. I think that this is one thing that needs addressing, mostly for my social life. I usually say no because I never have enough money, but this year I am endeavouring to save some money, which of course will mean that I can do more things (I really wish to go on holiday/travelling this summer).
  3. I always have a standard dietary resolution, and this year is to give up fizzy pop. I did it for a few months in 2013, and know I can do it this year. I have been drinking a bucket load of water and when I need something sweet, I go with fruit tea and half a sugar which I know isn't perfect but it is a damn sight better than the stuff I was drinking before. I think carbonated drinks are my real downfall, I am not a big chocolate eater and I rarely snack (if I do it is on something like a cereal bar) therefore if I cut fizzy drinks, it may help my waistline.
  4. Uni work need to be done a week before the deadline. Basically I have an essay due in a week today and I want the stress of the 2000 words being completed today so that tomorrow/Wednesday/Thursday I am just re-editing. It will save me a load of unnecessary stress.
  5. Be better to my skin. Take my make up/SPF off daily. MOISTURISE (for fear of sounding like a character from DW) but it is something I am crap at. Drinking water (like I mentioned above). Relaxing - I am 20 this year and I kind of want to look like this for a good while.
It think that's it. There are a few more, but I need miracles for them to be achieved. I did read something though the other day on pinterest that is sort of inspiring me at the moment - if you want something, do it. I think that kind of sums up how we all feel sometimes, we long for these things yet never put any effort in to actually achieve them.

Heres to 2014


Thursday, 2 January 2014

Happy 2014!

Hi Everybody!

So long time no speak. I can only apologise for that. With my second university and two jobs to contend with I really haven't had much time to do anything. Plus finances have been stupidly tight therefore I haven't really been able to buy things to review on. 

I have decided in my resolutions for 2014 that I am going to make a real effort with this blog again, making it look its absolute finest and something that I really can be proud of. There are going to be a few changes that I am going to make. Firstly, I am going to try to do as many outfit of the days as possible. One of my new year's resolutions is that I go down from a size 18/20 to a 12 by January 1st, so that I look amazing for my 21st! Therefore documenting outfits hopefully is going to document my changing figure. 

The second big change around here is that I am going to be taking a small step back from beauty, mostly because I don't feel as though I am expert enough to talk about it, there are much better people out there!

However I am still going to try my gosh darn hardest to post everyday, because it will give me some sort of relief from uni work!

I hope you all had an amazing Christmas and New Years and here is the best for the coming twelve months!


Thursday, 3 October 2013

NOTD #13

Hi Everybody!

I am so trying to keep the very distant memories of Summer going it seems with today's Nail of the Day. To be honest, I am surprised with this week being Freshers Week that I even had the opportunity to be able to paint my nails and even have some time to my self, but apparently I have which is all good. 

Today's offering is Rimmel's Nail Polish in Pop Your Pink. This is an almost neon toned pink that looks fantastic on the nails. Look it even matches my phone case. I love Rimmel Nail Polishes as they are so inexpensive yet have a really good range of colours over the different ranges. Although this one is supposed to be a lasting finish, I don't feel that it sticks around all that long, but that may be because of daily showers and general washing of hands making the nail polish chip. This nail polish doesn't go opaque in the usual two coats either. Now I don't mind having some of my nail show through however this is something to bare in mind when purchasing this polish. This is such a fun colour and one that I really recommend if you are afraid of bright colours as pink is such a classic on your nails that it won't look too over the top!


Saturday, 28 September 2013

Clean On Me

Hi Everybody!

Shower Gel is one of those things that we use everyday and for a lot of the time don't really notice unless we switch up and use a new one, and even after a few days use it becomes mundane and we forget about using it in the first place. I know that isn't the most of exciting ways to open a blog post but I'm sorry it is true. Well it was true until I started using Clean on Me anyway.

I know that most will think the Soap and Glory puns are tacky, but I think they're fun. Clean on Me is a shower gel, with a super handy pump, that just tops the rest in my opinion. It is a creamy shower gel which as well as getting you clean, also moisturises your skin. I know this will appeal to most as the idea of leaving body moisturiser to sink in now that it is getting colder isn't the nicest of thoughts. You don't need much of this, especially if yoou are using a loofah. A large bottle lasts for a good few months if you are using it solidly every day. The thing at the end of the day is that everyone is obviously going to go through a lot of this stuff therefore for the amount you get, the price tag, and the product itself, this really is onto a winner! S&G you have done it again!


Friday, 27 September 2013

A Day in the Life... At Work

Hi Everybody!

I promised you this many moons ago, but today I thought that I would share my daily routine, when I am working. I currently have a casual job at my university doing open days, telephone campaigns, data entry amongst other things. It is a very people centred job and I really enjoy it!

6.30: Alarm! I hate this bit. If I need to wash my hair I have to get in the shower now, if not its another 15 minutes in bed whoop!

7.00: Dressed, skincare, hair, make up. Generally to make myself look presentable despite the awful hour!

7.30: Breakfast. Usually cereal and a banana to keep me going until lunch!

7.52: Leave. The drive from my house to Birmingha City Centre is usually 25 minutes however can take me up to 50 minutes of a morning, so I have to leave now to make sure that I am in on time.

8.30: I am usually in the car park by now, if not nearby. Its a ten minute walk from the car park to work and I usually meet my friend beforehand so we can find where we are supposed to be!

9.00: Work! Whatever it may be. Lunch is ususally around 1pm. Lunch is usually a turkey pitta and a banana or a yoghurt.

Finish: I finish at different times. When I finish its back to the car, drive home (anywhere from 30-50 minutes).

18:00: Dinner, of whatever my mom has cooked! I love Spaghetti Bolognaise or something Mexican!

21.00: I ususally go up to bed at this point to watch something on Netflix or iPlayer. I have missed so much TV recently that I love a good catch up!


Thursday, 26 September 2013

Night Cream?

Hi Everybody!

As you may or may not know, a couple of months ago I got really into my skincare. It was after the insanely long winter and my skin just wasn't itself. Since then I have been pretty good, not the skincare angel that I should be, but I have been taking more time on my skin to try and get it into better condition this winter so that I am not Miss Flaky! I am not very knowledgeable when it comes to skincare, however this is something that I do honestly believe works for my skin.

I am the person who dedicates their nighttime skincare routine mostly to treating acne. Although I have nowhere near as bad spots as I did a few years ago, I still get a few on my cheeks and chin. I do however need to give my skin a bit of help as I am for the majority applying salycilic acid to try and rid me of spots. This is where this Olay night cream comes in. I am not at the stage where I need supposed anti-aging night creams to rid me or wrinkles, more just some hydration in the areas where my spots are fading. this night cream is light and doesn't make my skin greasy. I think it just does enough to carry my skin over without being too flaky. I still haven't found my perfect night cream yet, but this one is good, is doing the job and isn't breaking the bank!